About me
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Since my early childhood I have been deeply fascinated by marine mammals. In the late 90’s, my passion became action and I started to film and photograph whales and other wildlife all over the world. Almost 30 years of experience at Swiss TV has been very helpful in this regard. Since that time I have been supporting non-profit organizations all over the planet. My deep motivation is to help the most beautiful creatures, the WHALES, in any way! I feel so privileged to have these opportunities and skills and want them to count in adding to ocean conservation. I am an “Impassioned Ocean Advocate” and I am proud to get that description from my friend Jackie Hildering, the impassioned marine educator, whale researcher, diver and brilliant photographer from Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
50 million years after their return to the sea, the whales find themselves in the predicament of being dependent on a group of primates who can destroy rainforests as easily as they can compose symphonies.... Jean-Michel Cousteau
My modest achievements/works/experiences/references: 2002 Portneuf-sur-Mer (Québec/Canada) Marine Mammal Expedition @ the Mériscope Marine Research Station 2003 Documentary “Swiss Whale Research at the St. Lawrence”  for the Mériscope Marine Research Station, Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada 2004 Ignacio Lagoon (Baja California) “Gray Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2004 Cape Town (South Africa) “Southern Right Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2005/06/07 Promotional films for Stubbs Island Whale Watching, Telegraph Cove, British Columbia, Canada 2006 Marine Mammals of Monterey Bay (California/USA) 2006 Documentary and a promotional film "Mériscope - Research Base in Eastern Canada" accompanied by Dany Zbinden for the Mérsicope and the Swiss Whale Society (english + german version) 2006 Producing interviews and footage (RIB, land and out of a helicopter) as a cameraman for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Québec for a documentary “La Semaine Verte - Unis pour sauver les baleines” about the goals of the Mériscope (Marine Research Station) on how to save and protect the whales. 2006 “Killer Whales in Troubles” (plea for action) a documentary accompanied by Jackie Hildering broadcasted at the Kids Channel CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 2008 Broughton Archipelago Marine Provincial Park (British Columbia) Marine Mammal Expedition 2009 Maui (Hawaii) “Humpback Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2009 Tadoussac and Portneuf-sur-Mer observing “Whales of the St. Lawrence Estuary” Mériscope Marine Research Station 2009 Marine Mammalogy Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals in Québec City 2010 Broughton Archipelago (BC/Canada) Marine Mammal Expedition   2011 La Gomera (Canary Island) “Dolphins” Marine Mammal Expedition 2012 Northumberland (United Kingdom) “Puffins” 2013 Azores (Pico/Faial Is.) “Sperm Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2014 Heligoland (Germany) Seals 2014 Azores (Faial Island) “Toothed Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2015 Khutzeymateen (Northern British Columbia) Grizzly Bear Sanctuary 2015 Ucluelet (Vancouver Island) Marine Mammal Expedition 2016 Arctic Norway (Andenes) “Killer Whales @ Arctic Winter” Marine Mammal Expedition   2016 Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary Expedition   2016 Videoclip on youtube “The Khutzeymateen - Grizzly Kingdom” 2017 Azores (Faial Island) “Baleen Whales” Marine Mammal Expedition 2018 Gannet Colony of Bass Rock, Scotland 2018 Puffins of the Farne Islands, Northumberland, England 2018 Penguins and Southern Right Whales, South Africa 2019 Skjervøy, Arctic Norway “Marine Hunters in Eternal Darkness” 1998-2019 Articles and pictures published on/in many different websites, magazines and newspapers 1998-2019 Lectures and presentations about Marine Mammals “Whales the Ambassadors of the Oceans” Future projects – in process of planning: 20?? San Diego to Cabo San Lucas/Loreto/San Ignacio Lagoon (Mexico) Whales of Baja California” Marine Mammal Expedition 20?? Documentary and Biography of… (Marine Biologist) 20?? Documentary about the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary