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About me
50 million years after their return to the sea, the whales find themselves in the predicament of being dependenton a group of primates who can destroy rainforests as easily as they can compose symphonies. Jean-Michel Cousteau
Since my early childhood I have been deeply fascinated by marine mammals.
In the late 90’s, my passion became action and I started to film and photograph
whales and other wildlife all over the world. More than 30 years of experience at
Swiss TV has been very helpful in this regard. Since that time I have been
supporting non-profit organizations all over the planet. My deep motivation is to
help the most beautiful creatures, the WHALES, in any way!
I feel so privileged to have these opportunities and skills and want them to count
in adding to ocean conservation. I am an “Impassioned Ocean Advocate” and I
am proud to get that description from my friend Jackie Hildering,
the impassioned marine educator, whale researcher, diver and brilliant
photographer from Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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